Personalized Wristbands for Events

Customized fabric wristbands for Access Control of sporting events, musical events, campsites, hotels, fairs…

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    Personalized fabric bracelets

    In TEXGRAF we are manufacturers of wristbands, we can print them in silkscreen, 3D silkscreen, sublimation, stamping and with metallic finishes.

    We can customize the ribbon with the design you send us, for this we will adapt the design for its correct printing and reading once placed on the wrist. We can also take care of the design if you wish.

    Wristbands for Events

    Personalized wristbands for event access control

    The best option in security

    Personalized wristbands for event access control are an essential tool to ensure security and access control at any type of event. These wristbands are highly effective in crowd management, as they allow quick and easy access to authorized persons and prevent unauthorized entry.

    Access control wristbands: What are they and how do they work?

    Access control wristbands are security devices used to manage access to events such as concerts, festivals, fairs, theme parks and other large events. These wristbands have unique identification systems, such as barcodes, colors or texts, allowing quick and secure access to authorized persons.

    Security wristbands for events

    The most reliable option

    Event security wristbands are a reliable option to ensure security at any type of event. These wristbands have advanced security features such as holograms, unique barcodes, special inks and other elements that make them difficult to counterfeit.

    Identification wristbands for events

    The best option in identification

    Event wristbands are an excellent option to identify participants in any type of event. These wristbands can be customized with the name of the event, logo or any other relevant information. In addition, they can be used to control access to specific areas within the event.

    Personalized event wristbands: How to get yours?

    Custom event wristbands are a great way to promote your brand or event. You can customize them with your logo, the name of the event, the date and any other relevant information. In addition, they are very easy to obtain, in TEXGRAF we are manufacturers and we offer bracelet customization services.

    Wristbands for access control to concerts

    The best option for safety and comfort

    Wristbands for access control at concerts are an excellent option to ensure the safety and comfort of attendees. These wristbands allow quick and secure access to the event, without the need to carry tickets, tickets or printed passes. In addition, they are highly customizable and can be adapted to any type of event.

    Price Personalized Bracelets

    We show you here our prices of identification bracelets.
    Prices indicated for wristbands of 1.5cm wide by 32cm long, printed in sublimation on 100% satin or polyester ribbon.

    VAT and shipping included

    with locking

    200 Bracelets

    0,86 €/unit

    with locking

    300 Bracelets

    0,64 €/unit

    WITHOUT closure

    300 Bracelets

    0,50 €/unit

    with locking

    1,000 Bracelets

    0,38 €/unit

    without locking

    1,000 Bracelets

    0,25 €/unit

    Clasp for personalized bracelets

    We also have a multitude of closures depending on the type of event for which you need them.

    In such a way that we can supply inviolable or security closures, perfect for events such as concerts, festivals, or those venues that have restricted access.

    And we also have a multitude of models of reusable bracelet clasps, perfect for decorative bracelets, charity events, commemorative, clubs, weddings, christenings…


    We also have a great variety of materials on which to print the wristbands, satin, double satin… You can choose the one that best suits your idea, promotion, event…


    Entre todas las opciones que ofrecemos, también se pueden elegir gran variedad de colores, puedes verlos en nuestra tienda online, y en cada una de las opciones de acabo se pueden ver los colores disponibles. Si no encuentras el que estás buscando puedes preguntarnos por el que desees, aquí solo es una pequeña muestra.
    Recuerda que también podemos imprimir todo el ancho de la pulsera a tu gusto, con la estampación de desees.


    The bracelets can be ordered in different widths. Depending on the material chosen, we can serve them from 10 mm to 66 mm wide. The bracelets are 320 mm long.
    You can also choose the length of each of them, as well as the length of the roll.

    Printing and Finishing

    Our promotional wristbands can be printed on 1 or 2 sides, in silkscreen (from 1,500 wristbands) or digital printing (from only 200 units), without clasp or with adjustable clasp or safety clasp.

    Other uses of Personalized Wristbands

    A personalized wristband is not only a good resource for access control, it is also a good resource for a promotion, an act of solidarity, for weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays…

    Don’t worry about quantities, we can print very few units and customize it to your liking and with your design.

    Personalize a bracelet for yourself or as a gift, it is a detail that lasts.

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