Personalized Beacon Tapes

The marking tapes or signaling tapes are perfect for delimiting the areas that are accessible to the public in stores. They can be used to prohibit passage in areas restricted by capacity.

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    We customize Beacon Tapes

    Beacon tape or marking tape is the fastest and most economical way to delimit the area, ensure safety and provide advertising support, as you can customize the tape with the customer’s logo, and you can print the lettering in various colors and in a single color. Mark or sign band. Time or two-sided according to the customer’s needs.

    Once you have selected your favorite badge, add your custom style in our design studio. You can add your name, title, logo and company name to the printed lanyard. Then we will bring your design to life. Your personalized name ribbon will be ready to use.

    Signaling with Tapes

    Tape used to mark confined spaces helps maintain a safe distance, clearly indicates areas that can be used, and finally, makes for proper planning to help protect workers and customers. At the same time, well-designed signage will convey a sense of security to workers and customers.

    We manufacture customized ribbons with the image of your company. We serve them in rolls of 100 meters. They are reusable and can be cut to the size you need.

    Customized beacon tapes

    Corridors, circulation areas and workstations

    Con el fin de minimizar el contacto entre los trabajadores y los clientes potenciales o el público que pueda ingresar a sus lugares de trabajo, el Ministerio de Salud insta a las empresas a garantizar que la distancia de seguridad entre los trabajadores sea de al menos 1,5 metros.

    Separations and capacity limitations

    To ensure separation, capacity limitation and safety distance. We can use colored tape to mark areas to be cleared, passages, the obligation to maintain a safe distance, or if we delimit aisles to separate the direction of travel, we can mark arrows on the floor.

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