Accreditation and Advertising Claim Tapes

Bracelets and Lanyards

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    Custom ribbons are an excellent option to add a touch of elegance and personalization to your mailings and packaging. Available in different printing finishes: silkscreen, 3D silkscreen, metallized, sublimation and stamping.

    Custom ribbons are an excellent tool to promote your brand or company. These ribbons can be customized with your logo or design to create an effective advertising claim.

    Personalized wristbands and lanyards for access control at sporting and musical events, campsites, hotels, fairs…

    In TEXGRAF we are manufacturers of wristbands, we can print them in silkscreen, 3D silkscreen, sublimation, stamping and with metallic finishes.

    Custom Ribbon Printing Options


    Silk-screen printing

    It is our specialty, up to four colors can be applied with a high quality finish. It has an absolute resistance to washing and we have a multitude of inks for each type of application that the tape must withstand.



    We create the effect of a metallic sheen on any type of logo, it can be applied with or without relief, and we have several colors, as well as holographic or iridescent effects.



    It is undoubtedly one of the most more spectacular, through the creation of a digital base, we get a photographic quality on the tape, with no color or rapport limit, the resistance to washing is absolute and maintains the properties of the tape, both in touch and elasticity.

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